We bring over thirty-six years of experience to helping clients plan their estates to minimize the cost of transfers upon their death.  We then assist their families in following their wishes in a manner that avoids and minimizes conflict, ensures that the beneficiaries receive their intended inheritance, and makes certain that creditors and taxes are paid, all in an open and transparent process.

Probate is the administration of the deceased’s estate by a court pursuant to the terms of the will or, if there is no will, according to the laws of interstate descent and distribution.  Probate involves the inventory and appraisal of assets, the payment of creditors’ claims, taxes and costs of administration, and the distribution of assets in accordance with the will provisions or under the laws of intestate descent and distribution.

We will also consider family allowances, court declaration of heirs or beneficiaries, beneficiary designations, IRA distributions and community property agreement transfers.

Please see our Probate Checklist for a list of information to bring to your first conference with our attorneys.


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